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As they lay together, and the Silver Crystal is whole again, Metaria absorbs them into herself.

Sailor Moon awakens, thanks to her friends, and teleports her and Tuxedo Mask out of Metaria. She doubts her ability to fight Metaria and Tuxedo Mask sees the Shitennou, who's stones protected him from a mortal blow of the sword, and the generals appear before him and tell him Metaria's weak point is on her forehead.

The final touch of his disguise is a black top hat.

Tuxedo Mask is first seen standing outside of OSA-P while a youma is cornering Naru Osaka.

Sailor Moon then follows him, and he introduces himself and tells her that he will remember her name.

Later, when she is fighting against another youma, Tuxedo Mask arrives and helps free her from being killed by it, after Sailor Mercury created a mist to disorient it.

Kunzite attacks Tokyo on Tokyo Tower and blasts Sailor Moon off the building, but Tuxedo Mask saves her.

Sailor Moon kisses him and flies up to fight Kunzite, but when Kunzite unleashes a lethal blast at her, Tuxedo Mask stands in the path and takes the hit instead.

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The Silver Crystal appears and part of it goes into Tuxedo Mask.

She realizes Tuxedo Mask is under the full control of Queen Metaria and Tuxedo Mask continues to attack the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon realizes if she wants to stop Metaria, she needs the portion of the Silver Crystal still in Tuxedo Mask and she uses the Holy Sword to slash across his chest, kisses him, and supposedly killing him before turning the blade on herself.

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