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If you choose not to participate in AT&T Internet Preferences you will be charged an additional /month for your Giga Power Internet service.Now to many people, assuming they even realize what they are opting-in to, this may sound like an invasion of privacy. Like most companies, AT&T promises to never sell your personal information to any other companies so really it is just an ad targeting service.Installation and monthly equipment fees are “waived,” as I would expect, since most people don’t like paying for installation or equipment.To be fair, this pricing requires a 12-month commitment, but a one year agreement really isn’t out of line here so that’s not unreasonable in my opinion.So if you live in a newer subdivision and you are getting Giga Power service, feel free to get excited.

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The far more potentially onerous gotcha with AT&T’s Giga Power service is their requirement that you opt-in to a service called “AT&T Internet Preferences.” This service basically allows AT&T to track your web browsing information and target ads according to your interests.

Just because your friends in town are getting Giga Power, doesn’t mean the whole town (or even a good fraction) will be getting it soon.

Now that being said, competition from other companies may introduce gigabit services to certain areas so gigabit Internet speeds may still become a reality even if AT&T isn’t providing it.

At this time with the limited deployment of gigabit services, there is not a lot of information regarding routers that can truly handle gigabit throughput, so shop carefully.

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