Carlas dating

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The new interview sees the leading ladies of the ITV soap come together to celebrate their empowering alter-egos, who despite their woes, always appear to come out stronger on the other side.In the glamorous photo-shoot, Catherine Tyldesley, Kym Marsh and Sally Dynevor sizzle as they assert their dominance and sass while striking up a series of poses together.She explained: 'It's been rumoured that Carla's coming back. Even the latest indications of it.'Kate then went on to reveal her character is set for an explosive return in the winter months, adding: 'Ali has only just signed her contract and she'll be back around Christmas.'Carla braved a dramatic time on the show - enduring a battle with alcoholism, a horrific rape and a kidnap over her nine years on the soap.However, the new producer admitted that things would be different this time round, and Alison would instead bring a 'refreshing dynamic' to the beloved ITV series.Alison first arrived at the Rovers Return Inn in December 2006, when Carla was planning to open a clothing business.

'I didn't want to put her on that familiar cycle of self-destruction, recovery, followed by more self-destruction.

She later went on to find out that her partner Steve Mc Donald had fathered another baby and has found herself caught up in another terrifying ordeal, after being kidnapped and stalked.

Pleased to see that the soap's female characters are taking centre stage, Kym said on the shoot: 'Growing up, Coronation Street for me was all about the feisty women.

However, it seemed that Carla wasn’t too interested in hanging around, having seemingly got on with her life.

She told Aidan that she has “new responsibilities” and sent him packing, but he didn’t give up home.

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