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HHV-6 was the most commonly reactivated virus, with 61% of patients affected patients .“Off-the-shelf” donor T cells primed to fight five specific viruses were shown to be effective in a Phase 2 trial backed by Viracyte.Investigators at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center found that HHV-6B is the first DNA virus to reactivate at a median of 3 weeks, compared to CMV, EBV and Adenovirus at 5-6 weeks.HHV-6B also peaked rapidly, unlike other DNA viruses that took 3-6 weeks to reach peak viral load.Grace Raymond is remaining quiet, for the most part, regarding her husband's lawsuits, which claim he passed on herpes to multiple people.While Usher, 39, has been accused of exposing sexually-transmitted diseases to various partners, Grace seemed unfazed when she was peppered with questions at LAX airport by a TMZ photographer over her spouse's ongoing scandal.Usher's lawyer Zia Modabber told the outlet, 'Usher will defend himself vigorously in court against these opportunistic claims and we will not comment further on private legal matters.'Usher, through his legal team, has denied all of the accusations against him, saying that he never had sex with any of his accusers, adding that they have not been above board in their dealings in relation to the suit, the outlet reported.His lawyers noted that even if he had engaged in the activities he was accused of, he did so without the knowledge that he had a transmittable disease.

Swedish investigators have found HHV-6 protein in the pancreatic islet cells of both type 1 diabetes patients and controls.

Inefficient myelin repair is associated with progression MS, and the ability of HHV-6A to impede this process suggests that it could be involved in the progression of MS, and raises questions about the virus’s role in other chronic demyelinating diseases.

T-cell depleted stem cell transplant patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with HHV-6 viremia, CMV viremia, or 2 or more viremias experienced longer hospital stays and were readmitted more often.

In court docs, Helm said that she contracted herpes after having unprotected sex with the singer, which came at odds with a previous statement she made saying that the pair did use condoms.

Quantasia Sharpton, another woman suing the Love in This Club singer - who is represented by high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom - claimed that while she didn't contract herpes from Usher, he exposed her to it.

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