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The north received help from china and Russia sporting communism and the south was helped almost immediately by the United nations overall to stop the possible over take of the south, by the end of the war over 21 United Nations country’s had contributed to help the south.

There were about six million solders total including both north and south regions of Korea.

and the US would accept the surrender of the south peninsula.

which then resulted in the division along the 38th parallel.

and takes you into the battles fought throughout the first years of the war then explains how the days are spent fighting against the Koreans and how the winter of 50/51 was had been the coldest winter for over 100 years and many soldiers would not survive through the brutal winter with tempters as low as -30 below.

usually these soldiers would be killed on sight or kept for interrogation but giving the circumstances the US troops let these young north Korean soldiers return across the 38th parallel DMZ.

This article shares a first hand experiences of a solider during the Korean war.

American troops were under command “no refugees to cross front line. Use discretion in case of women and children” this added to the tension and lead to a accidental attack of another american unit.

many groups of refugees were gunned down during this time sometimes in groups as large as 25 people.

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