Sex mumbaii

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) "Mujhe pata hai ye jawaab thoda chutiya hai lekin humaara to kaam hi raat ko hota hai na." (I know this answer is a bit stupid but our business takes place at night only.) "Of course. Kaun kis mood se road pe ja raha ho, ye kisko pata." (Of course. No one knows who's on the road, and in what mood they are.) "Sir, ye Bombay hai. What I have written above is an excerpt from a once-in-a-lifetime conversation I had with a sex worker in Mumbai. But I continued to act normal and asked, "If you don't mind my asking, what kind of a job do you do? It could also probably be because I had never really conversed with one before.And, it may or may not sound clichéd when I say this, she was one of the nicest human beings I'd ever met in my life. I was in Mumbai attending a client conference for a multinational PR agency I was working for at that time. It seemed as if all my perceptions about sex workers had suddenly gone down the drain.At about in the night, Jane got a phone call from someone and that's when I dropped them somewhere near Girgaum.I got out of the car to hug both of them goodbye because I was aware that it was hardly possible for me to experience something like that ever again in my life.The women, however, showed me around with unconditional motives and unparalleled enthusiasm.They took me to a place close to the Naaz Cinema building on Lamington Rd.Only a couple of minutes must've passed when the waiter asked me if I would want to share a table with a woman. I don't know the reason, but it could've owed to the fact that their profession didn't allow even a solitary wrinkle on display.

There was another reason why I was here: the conference was on a Friday evening and hence I could spend my weekend getting to know the city of Mumbai better. She looked to be in her late twenties, just as old as I was, but her demeanour was a lot more confident than a woman of her age.Since it was a Friday night, getting a seat was a task. Anyway you didn't seem to be a Mumbaikar either, so I presumed you could be interesting company." "Wait-wait! I had downed four pints of Budweiser while she was already halfway through her second Old Monk quarter when her friend Jane arrived. Jane was a petite girl, presumably in her early thirties with a disarming smile.I decided to wait in the psychedelically-lit corridor inside the bar, wondering what I'd gotten myself into. But she got busy at work at the last moment, so she asked me to go ahead with a promise that she would join me latest by midnight. She was dressed just as elegantly as Tanya, but had heavier make up on.where I could purchase alcohol 24x7 and that too at no extra cost.(I regret not having bought any though, because I didn't want that night to end.) They even took me to a gorgeous place by Walkeshwar Rd., which they referred to as their "private beach".

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